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Scooters & Mopeds: Miscellaneous

Motorbikes/Bicycle Engines

Five Flags Motorized Bicycles & Scooters Bicycle Engine Kits, more. USA.
Island Hopper Bicycle Motors USA Inc. 49cc Tecumseh Bicycle Engine Kit.
Real Retro VeloSolex Powered Bicycle Info. Ireland.
Whizzer Motorbike Page USA.

Pocket Bikes/Mini Bikes

United States

A.V. Minicycle Pocket Bikes, Panda Mini-Trail 50s. Palmdale, CA.
California SpeedSports Pocket Bikes, Scooters, Parts, more. Livermore, CA.
Cosmopolitan Motors Pocket Racer Importer & Distributor.
DiBlasi Folding Motorbike
East Coast Minimoto Miniature GP Racing Pocketbikes.
Family Cycle Center Minibikes, Quads, Pocketbikes. Simi Valley, CA.
Go Karts Plus Go Karts, Mini Bikes and Parts. Shreveport, LA.
John's Mini Bike Shop Pocket Racers, Mini Bikes, more. New York, NY.
Michigan Mini Moto Pocketbike Sales. Redford, MI.
Minibike World New & Used Minibikes, Parts, etc. Scotts Valley, CA.
MiniMoto Madness Pocketbike & Yamaha YSR50 Dealer.
MiniMoto USA
NorCal MiniMoto Racing Polini, Pasini, GEM, GRC Motocycles, Parts, etc.
Pacific Pocketbikes Polini Distributor.
PSWS Racing Go-Ped, Quad, Dirtbike & Pocketbike Shop. Orange, CA.
Redline Technology Pocketbike Dealer. Ringwood, NJ.
Strictly Pocketbikes Miniature Racing Motorcycles.
Taco Minibike Registry Info, Parts, Shows, etc.
The Toy Brokers Mopeds, Go Ped, Pocket Bike Parts & Accessories.

Other Countries

Dunlop's Sprocket Minibike Minibike Manufacturer. Canada.
GEM MiniMoto Machines and Parts for Minimoto (Pocketbike) Racing. UK.
Madfast Motorcycles 50, 80, and 100cc Mini Bikes. Ireland.
Minidoodle Fox Doodlebug Project and Info for Minibike Restorers. Canada.
Pocket Bikes Info, News, Photos, Race Info, more. Switzerland.
Polini Pocketbikes and Performance Parts for Scooters and Mopeds. Italy.
The Dutch Minibike Project Ducati Minibike. The Netherlands.

Electric Vehicles Electric Scooter Manufacturer. Anaheim, CA, USA.
China-ebike Electric Scooters. Beijing, China.
New Tech Industries, Inc. Electric Scooters, Motorcycles, etc. USA.
REV Rechargeable Electric Vehicles GmbH Austria.
South Beach Scooter Electric Scooters. Miami, FL, USA.


50cc Motorcycles Holland.
Affordable Motorsports Products Go-Peds, Parts, etc. Sparks, NV, USA.
Avalawn Scooters Viza & Mosquito (Goped-Type) Scooters. Lubbock, TX, USA.
Go-Peds and Fast Honda Scooters Homepage USA.
MICROTRIKE Scooter-Based Concept Commuting Vehicle. UK.
Minibikes, Boats and Mopedsite Sweden. Go-Ped Dealer Web Site. Phoenix, AZ, USA.
PedEx Go-Ped Club. USA.

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