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United States

Full Moon Scooter Club Syracuse, NY.
Italjet North American Owners Association
Jedi Knights Scooter Club Coruscant Chapter. Vespa, Lambretta. Chicago, IL.
Manhattan Motorinos Scooter Club New York, NY.
Mid-Ohio Classic Scooters
Santa Cruz Vampires Home Page Motorcycle & Scooter Club.
SCOOT-TOURS Mainly Honda Helix Owners.
Screw City Scooter Club Rockford/Chicago, IL.
Secret Society Scooter Club of San Francisco CA.
Slugrockets Scooter Club CA.
Vespa Club of San Francisco CA.
Vulcan Scooter Club South FL.

United Kingdom

Britisth Scooter Sport Organisation
Gloucester Gladiators Scooter Club
Inner-City Scooter Club Leicester.
Lambretta Club of Great Britain
Newark Trent Scooter Club Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.
Speedfight Owners Club Peugeot Speedfight Club.
Speedfight Owners Club Peugeot Speedfight Club. Plymouth, Devon.
The Veteran Vespa Club of Britain For Early Vespa Scooter Enthusiasts.
Vespa Club of Britain

Other Countries

10-Inch Scooter Club Singapore.
820 Scooter Club Singapore.
Lambretta Club Deutschland e.V. Germany.
Primavera Scoterclub Belgium
Rakan Vespa Malaysia.
Scooter Club Thailand Event Info, Photos, more.
Speedboys Vespa and Lambretta Scooterclub. Belgium.
Swedish Scooter Society

Vespa Club Oberaargau Switzerland.
Vespa Club of Canada
Vespa Scooterclub Brabant The Netherlands.

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