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Aftermarket Products: Electrical Systems

Ignition Components

Euro Spares Distributor of Lucas Rita Ignitions and Lucas Powerbase Alternators.
IgniTech Ignition Systems for Motorcycles. Czech Republic.
Newtronic Systems Ignition Systems, Regulator/Rectifiers, Intercoms, etc. UK.
Silent Hektik Power Electronics Fuel-Injection, Ignition Coils, etc. Germany.
Splitfire Performance Spark Plugs. USA.


Superior Batteries By Superior Motorcycle Products. USA.
Yuasa Batteries USA.


Motorcycle GPS From Strike Wide Selection Of Motorcycle GPS

Charging Systems

Electrex USA Stators, Lighting Coils, etc. USA.

Other Electrical

Custom Dynamics Motorcycle Lights - Specializing in LED Lighting.
Motorcycle Lights Electroluminescent Lighting. USA.
Wire Plus Custom Modular Motorcycle Wiring Products. USA.

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